May Hearing and Speech Month

Little Ears

Did you know that children of any age can have their hearing tested? Even newborns can have their hearing assessed using tests that are safe, painless and easy to administer.

Milestones for Hearing Development

0-4 months: Your child should startle to sudden or loud sounds.

3-6 months: Your child should begin to recognize familiar voices and will be starting to make their own sounds.

6-12 months: Your child should be babbling and beginning to understand common words and expressions (e.g., bye-bye).

12-18 months: Your child should begin to use words to communicate, even if they are not clear. Your child should understand simple questions (e.g., where is your nose?)

2 years: Your child’s vocabulary should be increasing and they should be saying some 2 word sentences (e.g., more juice). They should also be understanding simple directions (e.g., get your blanket)

Some Signs of Hearing Loss

What if I suspect my child has hearing loss?

What if my child is diagnosed with hearing loss?

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